About Us

Triventures is a venture capital fund focused on data driven healthcare solutions and disruptive medical devices.
We invest in early to late stage opportunities in Israel, US and Europe.

700 +
companies reviewed annually
$ 150 M
100 +
cumulative years
of experience

Who We Are

We are a venture capital fund founded in 2010 that invests in startups led by exceptional entrepreneurs. We help these entrepreneurs develop and commercialize products that can make an impact on our health. We support companies in a range of fields, such as cardiovascular, orthopedics, robotics, ophthalmology, women’s health and digital health.

We have offices in Herzliya Pituach, Israel and on Sand Hill Road in the Silicon Valley.

What We Believe

We believe healthcare is being revolutionized. One example of this is in genomics. Today, the human genome can be sequenced in 24 hours for under $1,000 compared to $100M in 2001. For the first time ever, physicians can use this information to personalize patient therapies and medications.


Faster, cheaper and better technologies are revolutionizing healthcare with the use of robotics, artificial intelligence, big data, predictive analytics, nano-technology, point of care diagnostics and treatments.

Creative engineers, professors, MDs, PhDs, army grads or techies with sharp intellect and a drive to make a difference develop these innovations. We work with them and use our combined intellect, experience (and scars), and extensive strategic network to help guide their ventures to success.


Together, we build successful businesses with novel products that can improve both the quality and cost of healthcare.

How We Invest

At Triventures we invest in visionary people and in products that transform healthcare. There are so many factors that go into a successful venture but for us, the key parameters are the management team, the market and the clinical and financial impact the product can make on our health.


When we evaluate a new opportunity, we spend time getting to know the team. Are they listeners and executors? Can we surround them with seasoned global industry executives that can advise and guide them? Due diligence is like dating and an investment is like a wedding. A marriage has ups and downs and you have to invest time and energy to make a marriage work. So too with any investment.


We have seen awe-inspiring technologies fail because they were not led by the right people. We have seen breakthrough technologies that could make a true impact, but were not commercialized because of the size and dynamics of the market. We try to find the perfect balance of people + market + technology + strategic fit. We believe this is the right formula for success.

What We Offer

We provide direct access to our strategic network, relationships and know-how. Our partners are global leaders in healthcare and consumer electronics with expertise in selling products to millions of people worldwide. They understand what it takes to get a product integrated into a health network, and the logistics, financials and paperwork required to make it used on a daily basis. These insights can be offered from day one of product design and testing, thereby helping our entrepreneurs not only build a product that works, but also a product that can be successfully commercialized.

Introducing Triventures ARC

Triventures ARC is the seed stage fund of Triventures in an exclusive collaboration with Sheba Medical Center. This is the first partnership of its kind between an Israeli healthcare system and a venture capital fund that will leverage the medical data reservoir amassed by Sheba and its unique ARC Innovation Center, a one-of-a-kind platform fusing together startups with novel healthcare solutions, academia, patient data, industry players and capital under one roof.


The fund focuses on data-driven transformational health solutions in areas such as:

• personalized healthcare
• accessibility and the “virtual hospital”
• big data and artificial intelligence
• smart medical devices
• lifestyle
• administrative and clinical workflow
• cyber security for healthcare

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